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We are excited to inform you that our office is accepting new dental implant patients at the AIID Faculty Practice. From start to finish, your treatment will be planned and performed by our highly experienced clinicians.

Your treatment journey will start with our oral & maxillofacial surgeon in residence, Dr. Saltman.

The AIID Faculty Practice started because we believe in practicing what we preach. Originally serving as a higher education center (American Institute of Implant Dentistry), now we have established our Faculty Practice. Patients can now benefit from the expertise of our oral surgeon in residence, Dr. Saltman as well as our prosthodontist, Dr. Shafie, who is a bestselling author on the subject of implant dentistry.

We provide a wide range of full mouth dental implant therapy, serving patients from all 50 states and overseas. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable, seamless, and predictable process for regaining your quality of life. 

Important notice for interested patients: There are no students or residents working at the AIID Faculty Practice. Patient care is provided by the most highly skilled and experienced clinicians.

Our Team

Dr. Saltman is a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon trained locally at Medstar Washington Hospital Center residency program in Washington, D.C., which is a nationally recognized for its unique and cutting-edge training in dental implantology. 

After residency, Dr. Saltman helped build The Center for Oral Surgery & Implantology in Boston and quickly eared distinction as a Boston Magazine “top oral surgeon” within his first year in the area. Dr. Saltman was eager to return to the to DC permanently to join the AIID Faculty Practice and bring his talent and training back to the DC community. By 2023, he was already recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as a “top oral surgeon” in the tri-state area.

In addition to the the radical empathy, patience, and finesse for which he has come to be known throughout his training and career, Dr. Saltman is also loved by his patients and colleagues alike for his keen sense of humor as an amateur writer/comedian and his fine taste in rock music as evidenced by the playlist in his operatory. 

American Institute of Implant Dentistry

For the past 27 years as a postdoctoral teaching institution, The American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID), has been pioneering new concepts, methodologies, and also approaches in the field of full mouth implant dentistry. Since we’ve started, thousands of dentists and oral surgeons around the world have gained valuable knowledge and skills from our full mouth dental implant courses. At the present time, we are a prominent institution with global outreach.

The AIID Faculty Practice started because we believe in practicing what we preach. At the same time, we provide a full range of full mouth dental implant therapy serving patients from all 50 states and overseas. Additionally, our dentists are at the forefront in full mouth implant treatments (all on 4, teethXpress). The goal we set for our practice is to ensure a seamless transition into your new life.

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Our Unique Value

At the American Institute of Implant Dentistry Faculty Practice, we want you to feel safe. In addition to feeling safe, we will help you build a better understanding of the options you have for your full mouth implants. Not only do we have leading oral surgeons in the field of implant dentistry that have years of experience and have taught and mentored others in performing the surgery, but we are pioneers. More specifically, we developed and enacted better full mouth dental implant procedures currently used today by the surgeons who preform this life changing procedure. Overall, you have options and help to find which option is best for YOU at our AIID Faculty Practice. To start the process, schedule a free consultation below.

The AIID CARE Philosophy

We want you to feel well cared at the American Institute of Implant Dentistry Faculty Practice. For that reason, we integrate our CARE Philosophy throughout every part of the treatment process.


Culture of Service

You will experience an environment that focuses on serving your expressed and unexpressed goals and wishes.



We make every effort to learn about your expectations, needs, and objectives in order to help you pursue a life changing full mouth dental implant procedure.



We apply the platinum rule in our daily practice and treat every patient the way he/she would like to be treated. AIID will customize everything to your preferences and needs.



As the leading thought leader in the full mouth implant dentistry industry, we will educate, inform, and empower you to make the best and most personalized decisions about your care.