Who should you pick to provide such a life-transforming treatment? Imagine you have a choice between three treatment facilities: 

As a patient considering full-mouth dental implant treatment, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to choose the right treatment provider for you. Full-mouth implant treatment is complex and expensive, but at the same time life-transforming. So making the right decision will have a critical impact on the outcome and on the quality of your life.

Based on our surveys, patients are finding the following 5 simple attributes most helpful in choosing a provider.

To help you understand this concept, we have outlined the 1-5 scoring for each attribute:

Fig 1 -Treatment Cost

Factors influencing treatment cost

Fig 2 – Clinical expertise

If you are planning to have a full mouth implant treatment, be very diligent about finding the best clinical team with the most experience. Due to the lucrative nature of dental implant treatments, there are many dentists who are claiming clinical expertise in full mouth implant treatment.

Full mouth implant therapy is a highly specialized treatment; don’t be surprised if the clinical team who is recommended is in another part of the country. For full mouth implant therapy, you may not have the option to remain near your home for treatment unless you live near a major city. 

Fig 3- Quality of patient experience

There is a big difference between treating a patient vs. replacing missing teeth. Full mouth implant treatment is a life-changing treatment and it is important that your consultation visit provides a unique and memorable experience. Quality of service by doctors and staff should be consistent during the consultation visit.

Fig 4 – Treatment options

There are different surgical protocols and prosthetic design options for full mouth implant treatment. It is important to know the pros and cons of each option. Ultimately, the patient has to make the final decision regarding the treatment option.

Fig 5 – Warranty

The longevity of dental implants is truly multi-faceted and depends on many factors:

Different treatment facilities have different warranty policies, and it is important to understand the extent of said warranties as they apply to both the surgical/implant work and the prosthetic work.

Steps for choosing a treatment facility/provider

Step 1:

Schedule a consultation appointment with 3 different providers or treatment centers. To simplify the decision process, we recommend assigning a simple score between 1 and 5 for each of the attributes we just reviewed to rate the desirability of a provider using Table 1 below.
*still not sure how to assign a score for each attribute? Call our AIID clinical concierge for guidance. 202-331-3242

Table 1 – Blank table for patient use

We have provided table 2 as an example:

Table 2 – Example of an imaginary patient’s scoring for 3 different treatment facilities

Step 2: Now that you’ve rated each provider, you must take into account which attributes matter most to you. To do this, we recommend assigning an “importance score” from 1 to 5 to each attribute, as outlined below. This will help narrow down which option is best for you, based on your priorities. You can use the below graphic as a guide.

Step 3: use the following rule to determine the best selection for you.

Highest Score Rule

This rule helps you make a decision by considering the importance of each of the five attributes discussed above.  Assign the relative “importance score” for each attribute in the last column, using blank table 3 below.

Table 3 – Blank table for patient use

We have provided Table 4 as an example:

Table 4 – Example of the highest score ranking and calculation for three different treatment facilities visited by an imaginary patient

Final calculation of the highest score

To calculate the final score for each provider/center, you should multiply each attribute rating by the specific importance score that you assigned, and then add up the total. In the example below, we have used color-coding for ease of understanding where each number comes from. Please refer to the color of numbers and headings from table 4 as a reference.

AIID: 4(2) + 5(5) + 3(5) + 5(5) + 5(4) = 85

Corporate provider: 4(1) + 5(2) + 3(2) + 5(3) + 5(2) = 45

Private practice: 4(2) + 5(4) + 3(2) + 5(4) + 5(4) = 68

This rule allows you to calculate which treatment provider best serves your needs and desires cumulatively across all 5 attributes.

*still not sure how to complete the final score for each provider/center? Call our AIID clinical concierge for guidance. 202-331-3242

Bottom line 

Using the AIID Guide and Highest Score Rule will help any patient determine the ideal provider for this complex and life-altering treatment. TV and internet commercials are good tools for public awareness of this kind of treatment, but they do not provide the valuable information needed to make such an important decision.

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