Innovative Treatment

The American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID) pioneered one of the most popular and reliable Immediate Implant treatment. An AIID oral surgeon in residence can place your implant and one of our restorative experts give you a fixed temporary implant tooth at the same appointment.

While many oral surgeons and dentists are happy to skip the immediate implant treatment and settle for prolonged delayed implant therapy, AIID experts’ attention to detail makes all the difference when delivering high-quality, life-transforming immediate implant teeth.

The Process From Start
to Finish

1 Schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons

2 Book YOUR surgery date

3 Fixed transitional (temporary) teeth will be connected to your implants on your surgery date

4 After healing process (8-12 weeks), final prosthesis will be made and delivered

One Cost Procedure

At AIID Faculty Practice, we offer reasonable and transparent pricing. As a result, no matter how many missing teeth you have and what type of implant you need, our prices are the same. The price depends on the material used. Knowing your options will make you more comfortable with your final decision. After all, you have the opportunity to make the right decision for this complex, irreversible, and life-changing treatment. At the time of your consultation, we will tell you our recommendations and you, in turn, will have a choice about the implant.

Our concern is not the BILL, but the PATIENT. With this in mind, AIID is committed to using only quality brand name dental implants and components from reputable manufacturers.

In addition to this, AIID Faculty Practice is able to offer a good warranty, and will take responsibility for the entire process of your dental implant. From pre-operative consultation to post-operative care, we will always take care of you. Meanwhile, we will cover all costs for the first 12 months after surgery. We will meet with you every 3 months after the oral surgery and check the condition of your dental implants.