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American Institute Of Implant Dentistry (AIID)

American Institute of Implant Dentistry started as a not for profit think tank organization with the goal of lowering mistakes in the implant dentistry field. We value our patients and all patient around the world.

After celebrating 27 years as a not for profit teaching institution and think tank, we have highly evolved into an industry-leading think tank with global outreach, pioneering new concepts and methodological approaches in implant dentistry. In particular, we are proud to be in a position to empower thousands of oral surgeons and implantologists to become a better version of themselves.

At the American Institute of Implant Dentistry Think Tank, we know that technology and clinical knowledge in implant dentistry is constantly evolving. After all, implant therapy is not a static process. Everyday, we work to shape and elevate the conversation surrounding the future of implant dentistry, particularly in response to recent dramatic changes in the market.

We believe that an educated team is a successful team in the long run.








What Doctors Who Have Trained with Us Have to Say


“My introduction to AIID came through attending a ‘TeethXpress” course. After that, I became a member of AIID…I have experienced the real value of membership in AIID. Particularly the courses given are top-notch in content, presentation, and class setting. In fact, I have spent much more to receive much less value from other learning centers around the country”
– Dr. John Wise, Maxillofacial Surgeon


“Of course I thoroughly enjoyed taking ‘The Art of Suturing for Surgical Site Management.’” The instructor, Dr.Nicola DeAngelis, was highly committed to engaging everyone in the course, and the hands-on portion gave me the confidence that I could implement the systems/techniques in my practice immediately!”
– Dr. Ivory Hancock, Presidential Dental Group


“AIID has been instrumental in allowing me to integrate implant dentistry into my practice. Obviously, the courses offered by AIID are excellent, and their support staff is highly prompt and helpful. I am honored to be a part of this organization surely.”

– Dr. Lane Freeman, Nunnaly, Freeman, and Owen