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Happy Patients after picking a good Implant Dentistry Provider

The Benefits of The AIID Faculty Practice

We know that choosing an implant dentistry provider is the first and most important step in this life-transforming journey. It is critical to choose an implant dentistry provider who cares about YOU and can meet YOUR unique needs.

At the American Institute of Implant Dentistry Faculty Practice as well as at our non-profit, we want you to feel safe and we want to help you understand the options you have.

At The American Institute of Implant Dentistry Faculty Practice, we guarantee the following:

1 Quality of Patient Care Experience

There is a big difference between treating a patient vs. replacing missing teeth. Full mouth implant treatment is a life-changing treatment and it is important that your consultation visit provides a unique and memorable experience. Quality of service by our doctors and staff is paramount during the whole process, from consultation to last check-up.

2 Mastery of Clinical Team

AIID is a postdoctoral teaching institution has trained thousands of oral surgeons and dentists for this complex treatment. Full mouth implant therapy is a highly specialized treatment that we have mastered. Evidently, we care about YOU and have world class implant dentists to ensure that you get the best treatment possible.

3 Treatment Options

There are different surgical protocols and prosthetic design options for full mouth implant treatment. It is important to know the pros and cons of each option. Ultimately, the patient has to make the final decision regarding the treatment option. Generally clinics only offer one or two options. At AIID, we understand that every patient is different and have many options based on their specific needs.

4 Dental Implants Cost

Dental implant cost typically varies at other clinical practices. Many providers follow an “a la carte” pricing model, which means the price you are originally quoted may have several caveats or change during the course or treatment, as more things are added on. Obviously, getting affordable dental implants should not be a hassle. AIID makes it easy with total price transparency, and an all-inclusive pricing model, making it less about the money and more about getting the best treatment. 

5 Post-Treatment Warranty

The longevity of dental implants depends on many factors. The first year is crucial and important to make sure you heal properly. We offer a year warranty on the surgery and post-treatment check-up exams to make sure everything is working properly, and there are no problems. In addition, we help our patients with ongoing maintenance visits to ensure the health and longevity of their smiles. Every three months after the procedure is completed, patients can return to AIID Faculty Practice for checkups and maintenance to ensure the results of the procedure.