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How Can I Maintain and Care For My Implant?


The daily care of full mouth implant teeth is very similar to the care of natural teeth. You should keep your implant teeth clean and plaque free twice a day using a toothbrush and Waterpik and go in twice a year to clean your whole implants. Schedule an appointment with one of the clinical experts at AIID Faculty Practice to get rid of plaque buildup around the implant.

What To Do

  1. We recommend the following steps for your daily home care hygiene routine around your full mouth immediate teeth and supporting dental tooth implant:
    1. Brushing
    2. Use a Waterpik®
    3. Use a Rubber Tip Gum Stimulator

Step 1: Brushing

As with any other oral care routine, you need to brush twice a day is essential. Choose a good quality, soft-bristled manual or electric toothbrush and give your implant dentures a good brush for 2-3 minutes.

Make sure you brush in gentle, circular movements all the way up to the gumline.

Step 2: Use a Waterpik®

Using a Waterpik® every day is an excellent way to clean hard-to-reach places such as underneath the full mouth implant teeth. Waterpik® will help you to reach right down to the gumline. We recommend using this tool at least once a day to remove food particles.

Step 3: Use a Rubber Tip Gum Stimulator

A rubber tip gum stimulator can be purchased from any drug store. This is an important instrument used to trace the gumline of full mouth implant teeth gently. Since the edges of the implant teeth are not as tightly knitted into the gum, food debris can get stuck at the base of the gum, often causing infection. A rubber tip will gently remove any food particles that may get trapped.

  1. Go into your implant faculty practice for cleanings at least twice a year. Why do we suggest this? Self-cleaning, as recommended above, is very helpful for cleaning the plaque and germs you can reach. However, with the new implant system, places can be cleaned only with special equipment. The process will be quick and easy. They will simply be able to clean the implant areas more effectively.


The level of patient cooperation after surgery dramatically impacts the success rate of full mouth dental implant surgery. After the surgery, you must avoid overuse of the teeth, consuming hard foods, and give the teeth enough time to recover.

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