Why should it matter what dental implant system the provider is using? Knowing about the brand and quality of the implant system used by the provider is very important since not all dental implants are the same. There are a limited number of implant systems on the market that have the design, surface characteristics, and parts and pieces required for a predictable immediate full mouth implant teeth therapy.

During your consultation visit, you should ask the provider about the implant system he/she is using.

The main implant systems used for immediate full mouth implant teeth therapy


Made in Switzerland, it is the #1 implant company in the world as far as the market share.

Nobel Biocare

Made in Switzerland, it is the #2 implant company in the world as far as market share.

Dentsply Sirona

Its ASTRA Line is made in Sweden and its Ankylos and Xive lines are made in Germany. It is the #3 implant company in the world, as far as market share.

Zimmer Biomet

It is an American company with two implant lines: Zimmer and 3i, both implants are made in the USA. It is the #4 implant company in the world as far as the market share.


Made in America. It is the # 5 implant company in the USA as far as market share.

Here’s why it is important to choose a market leader implant system:


The potential problems related to lesser-known implant systems are simply not worth the short-term cost savings—especially if you average the savings over the number of years your implants will serve you.

What Implant system is being used for AIID immediate full mouth implant teeth?

AIID is committed to only using premium brand dental implants and components from reputable manufacturers.

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