What Can I Eat After my Full Mouth Dental Implant Surgery?

A full mouth dental implant surgery requires proper care to ensure a successful recovery. One of the essential aspects of this care is maintaining a proper diet. In this blog, we will discuss the recommended diet following full mouth dental implant surgery. 


The following table outlines the recommended diet following full mouth dental implant surgery, categorized by time period and examples of foods: 




First four weeks 

Soft foods without a lot of chewing forces 

Over-cooked pasta, Mashed potato, Risotto, Pure of vegetables, Thin fish (Tilapia, Trout) 

At four weeks 

Adding thicker food 

Chicken, Salmon 

At eight weeks 

Adding thicker food 

Tender beef, Lamb 

After eight weeks 

You can try harder foods 

Bread with a hard crust, Crouton, Salad, Hard steamed vegetable, Sticky candies like Taffy, Pretzels, Nuts 

Following the recommended diet is crucial for a successful recovery after full mouth dental implant surgery. Patients should avoid hard foods and take enough time for their teeth to heal properly. This will increase the chances of a successful outcome and improve the quality of life for those who undergo this procedure. 


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