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What Factors Impact Cost?


The cost of full mouth implant teeth depends on the level of clinical experience, the implant system cost structure, and the materials used for the teeth. Avoid choosing a provider solely based on the price. Quality matters. Schedule a free consultation with one of the clinical experts at our AIID Faculty Practice for this life-altering decision.


  1. Cost Structure

Are you being charged one set fee for the procedure from each provider? Or are you being “nickel and dimed” for any small variation in treatment that the dentist may encounter? Denture cost and tooth implant cost vary among providers.

  2. Experience in Clinical Team

This is a very complex treatment that involves multiple providers. It is important to meet each one and evaluate not just their individual experience but their experience in performing this treatment together. Learn how to choose a provider here.

  3. Implant System

There are low-cost implant systems and premium implant systems. Clinical outcomes and success rates for immediate full mouth implants will differ based on the system used.

  4. Material used for teeth

Different materials are available to create the teeth, each with different advantages and disadvantages. This has a huge impact on the cost of full mouth implant teeth.


Each full mouth dental implant provider has different prices. At AIID Faculty Practice, we offer one set fee. No matter how complex your procedure is, our prices do not change. Only the materials used to create the full mouth implant and the implant system will affect the price. When choosing a provider, it is important to consider not only the price but also the quality. After all, full mouth dental implants will significantly impact your life.

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For the past 27 years as a postdoctoral teaching institution, the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID) has been pioneering new concepts, methodologies, and approaches in the field of implant dentistry. Thousands of dentists and oral surgeons worldwide have gained valuable knowledge and skills from our courses. Now we are a prominent institution with global outreach.

AIID faculty practice provides a full range of dental implant therapy serving patients. We have the leading dentists in full mouth implant treatments. We aim to ensure you have a seamless transition into your new life.

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