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What Does The Full Mouth Dental Implant Process Look Like?


You can have a new smile in 3 simple steps: Consultation, Surgery with Fixed Temporary Teeth, and Delivering Final Teeth. Schedule a free consultation with one of the clinical experts at AIID Faculty Practice to learn more about same-day full mouth implants.

Phase 1: Consultation

Tapping into our 27 years of experience in full mouth dental implants, teaching different implant techniques and clinical procedures, clinical experts at AIID Faculty Practice will analyze the following:

  • Your bite
  • Pattern of your smile 
  • Facial analysis (the form of your upper and lower lips)

In this analysis, we will take a 3D X-ray, which will help our clinical experts assess the quality and volume of your jaw bone. Click on the link to see the questions you should ask during your consultation.

Phase 2: Surgery with Same-Day Fixed Temporary Teeth

Our oral surgeon will place the titanium root into your jaw under local anesthesia or IV section if you request this option.

If you meet the proper criteria, one of our restorative experts will join the oral surgeon to deliver a full mouth dental implant and give you fixed temporary teeth that same day.

Immediately following your surgery, we will provide you with pain medication to minimize your initial discomfort. Mild discomfort lasts 3-4 days, and you will start noticing significant improvement. We recommend taking at least one to two days off from work. The more time you can give yourself to heal, the better!

Phase 3: Delivering Final Teeth

After your jawbone and gums have healed, your dental implants are completely fused to your jawbone, becoming a part of your body. Those titanium screws can’t be removed by simply unscrewing. Our clinical experts will test the stability of your implants. If they are completely satisfied, restorative dentists will start making your final permanent teeth. Generally, this phase begins by taking a final impression. On average, it will take 1-2 months to complete all the clinical and laboratory steps to deliver your final teeth.


After a consultation with a clinical expert, you can get a fixed temporary tooth on the same day of the procedure. After three to four months, depending on your recovery, your doctor will begin making the final permanent teeth. All the processes will be over in another one to two months. To start this process, you can schedule a consultation with AIID Faculty Practice by clicking the button below.



About Us

For the past 27 years as a postdoctoral teaching institution, the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID) has been pioneering new concepts, methodologies, and approaches in the field of implant dentistry. Thousands of dentists and oral surgeons worldwide have gained valuable knowledge and skills from our courses. Now we are a prominent institution with global outreach.

AIID faculty practice provides a full range of dental implant therapy serving patients. We have the leading dentists in full mouth implant treatments. We aim to ensure you have a seamless transition into your new life.

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