Top 10 Questions to Ask at Your Full Mouth Dental Implants Consultation

If you’re considering full mouth dental implants, choosing the right provider is crucial to ensure the success of the treatment. But how do you know if a provider is the right fit for you? Asking the right questions during a consultation is key. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask to help you assess your prospective provider fairly, even if you have a high school degree. 


  1. What implant system is being used? 

Not all dental implants are the same. It’s important to know about the brand and quality of the implant system your provider uses. Only a limited number of implant systems on the market have the design, surface characteristics, and parts and pieces required for a predictable immediate full mouth implant teeth therapy. 

2. Do you have a one-set fee or an itemized fee? 

The cost structure of full mouth implants can vary greatly from clinic to clinic. Knowing if a provider has a one-set fee or an itemized fee can affect the overall cost of your treatment. 

3. How long is the process from start to finish? 

The process of full mouth dental implant surgery generally takes place in three appointments, but the time between surgery and receiving the final implant teeth is what takes the most time. It can take between 4-8 months for the entire process to be completed. 

4. Can I see your own before and after photos? 

It’s crucial to see before and after photos of a provider’s previous work. This will give you an idea of their clinical experience and the quality of their work. 

5. When can I start eating real food? 

Following full mouth dental implant surgery, your diet is one of the most critical components of recovery. It’s essential to ask your provider when you can start eating real food and to follow their recommendations to ensure the success of your treatment. 

6. What is the warranty policy of the provider? 

The longevity of dental implants depends on many factors, including the quality of the surgery and restorative treatment, the patient’s health, and the quality of the materials used. Understanding the extent of warranties as they apply to implant and prosthetic work is important. 

7. How long will I be out of commission? 

Although the clinic will provide pain medication to minimize your pain, getting enough rest is essential to recover from the procedure. The more time you can give yourself to heal, the better. 

8. Will I receive the entire treatment in one location? 

Receiving your entire treatment at one location and dealing with the same team each time you visit the treatment facility creates more harmony. This way, everyone will follow the same standards. If the surgeon and restorative dentist have separate offices, you’ll have to travel from office to office and deal with different teams and standards. 

9. What’s your longest patient follow-up? 

A proven track record and long-lasting results are more important than the number of implants a provider has placed. It’s important to ask to see examples of their work completed in the past 5-10 years to understand their experience and the quality of their work. 

10. Will you take down my jawbone before implant placement? 

Different implant treatments involve different methods of placement. Discussing your individual customized plan with your dentist is crucial. An experienced dentist will develop your full mouth dental implant plan based on your health condition to achieve the best possible results.



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Educational resources for patients
Top 10 Questions to Ask at your Dental Implant Consultation