What are Full Mouth Dental Immediate Implant?

If you’re considering getting full mouth dental implants, you may have heard about immediate full mouth implants, which can give you fixed new teeth on the same day as your procedure. But what exactly is an immediate full mouth dental implant, and how does it work? 

An immediate full mouth dental implant is a temporary same-day implant that provides you with fixed teeth right after your surgery. It’s important to note that these temporary teeth are not permanent and will need to be replaced with final teeth later on. However, they can still help you eat, smile, and enjoy your life normally while you wait for your permanent teeth. 

Patient Info 

If you’re interested in immediate full mouth implants, the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID) has pioneered one of the most popular and reliable treatments for this procedure. An AIID oral surgeon can place your implants, and one of our dentists can give you fixed temporary implant teeth at the same appointment. However, eligibility for an immediate implant depends on your individual case and will be determined during your initial consultation with our oral surgeons. 


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Educational resources for patients
Educational resources for patients
What are Full Mouth Dental Immediate Implants?